sound-exIndie rock maestros The Sound Ex have been spotted laying down the tracks which will eventually form the follow-up to the classy yet criminally overlooked Palomino.

The Tyneside crew took up residence in Newcastle’s Blast! studios last week to demo a series of stonking hook-laden tracks. And mixing is slated for mid-October. Quite why the career of these former major label darlings hasn’t come full circle is anyone’s guess but the guys are still producing music many a bigger band would kill for.  With a huge amount of new material under their belts there’s a great chance 2010 will finally be the year the rest of the world realise what they’ve been missing. And that they’ve mistakenly accepted that the newly heavy Arctic Monkeys are the best indie rock band around.

In fact our very own Sound Ex knock spots of those boys and many other bands of a similar ilk – sadly they’re about as fashionable as an MP’s expense account right now and probably less popular.

Thankfully the guys at Global Music are still right behind our favourite underground band and so are we. So much so that rushonrock will be bringing you a load more news on The Sound Ex just as soon as we can grab a minute with the gang. Watch this space.