europe logo resizeWe’re just days away from the UK release of Europe’s stunning new album Last Look At Eden. And rushonrock‘s Europe Week continues to gather pace with a look at another piece of classic vinyl from the band’s glorious past. Check out the Limited Edition Badge Pack version of Open Your Heart!


Europe – Open Your Heart (Tempest) b/w Just The Beginning (Tempest/Marcello)

Released: 1988

Format: Limited Edition Badge Pack (EUR B4)

Highest UK Chart: 86 

Highest US Chart: Did not chart

Album: Out Of This World (1988)

Producer: Ron Nevison

The Story: This single may have been overshadowed by album mate Superstitious and sunk without trace on both sides of the Atlantic but its story is a fascinating one nevertheless. Originally released in 1984, having appeared on the Wings Of Tomorrow album, it was re-released and slightly reworked four years later. The bulk of the song remained the same, souped up by Kee Marcello’s guitar work and a Ron Nevison production job, but songwriter Joey Tempest chose to tweak the following lyrics:

1984: “Oh girl, before I fall… Maybe the sun will continue to shine, maybe the rain will continue to fall, maybe you want to leave me behind, maybe you’ll change and give me a call.”

1988: “Before we lose it all… Maybe the time has its own way of healing, maybe it dries the tears in your eyes, but never change the way that I’m feeling, only you can answer my cries.”

Interesting stuff. But not as interesting as the five pin badges of the five Europe guys sporting ridiculous hair and a dab of make-up here and there. So 80s. And we love it.