fake-problems-greatOne of the bands to watch at Leeds and Reading this year, the wonderful Fake Problems have released a European tour blog revealing their excitement at playing to thousands of Brit festival goers over the Bank Holiday weekend.

With new album It’s Great To Be Alive winning rave reviews (even rushonrock gave the boys a pat on the back for a more than decent offering) and hot new single Diamond Rings just weeks away this could be the year Chris Farren and his crew make it big.

Diamond Rings really came out of nowhere for this record,” said the FP singer. ” The original version of it is a dark, slow, Tom Waits-esque country song but that vibe just didn’t fit with what we wanted to do for the record.

“So we decided to destroy it completely and rebuild it from the ground up.  The only original components the song remains with are the lyrics and chord progression.

“I’ve had a few people come up to me and ask me specifically what this song is about and I always turn it around on them to see what they think it’s about.  And it’s always far more interesting than what the song is actually about.”

We love a bit of Fake modesty and we love the band’s blog too. Check it out right here and if you do miss FP at Leeds or Reading remember they’re supporting Frank Turner across the UK in October!

Fake Problems are coming to UK/Europe!