ufo-logoRiding high on the back of rave reviews for new album The Visitor, legendary stix man Andy Parker may be missing buddy Pete Way but he never misses a beat.

And while the UFO drummer’s energy is well known to rock fans everywhere it’s difficult to imagine the tub thumper kicking back and chilling out. But Andy enjoys his downtime like the rest of us and the latest rushonrock Rider sees more of rock’s behind-the-scenes secrets revealed…

On your iPod: Right now, I’m listening to Vinnie Moore’s solo album. Of course, I am biased but I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Vinnie’s given UFO a new lease of life since he joined us and all our fans know what a wonderfully talented guitarist he is. But there are so many sides, or perhaps I should say levels, to Vinnie and his new studio album provides further proof what a supreme musician he is.

Small screen pleasure: I don’t watch a lot of television especially in years when we’re on the road so much but I do love 24 and make sure I never miss an episode, even though it means I’m playing catch-up all the time

Making A Meal Of It: I love any food that’s not the rubbish you eat on the road.

Drivetime: I’m the proud owner of a Dodge Ram 2500 pick-up. It’s my pride and joy – you can’t beat a Cummins engine.

Ace Place: Such a wide-ranging question that it’s almost impossible to answer. Best pub? Best restaurant? Best hotel? Best city? Best country? I enjoy life and realise how lucky I’ve been to experience such a varied one, travelling to places I could only have dreamt about as a kid. I try to take it all in, whether it’s a breathtaking view across the Pacific, a mountain range or even an unimposing concert venue stuck away in a an unloved corner of town.

Dream Destination: That’s an easy answer. I’d love to go to New Zealand, a) because I’ve never been there, b) because I want to go there but most importantly c) because I need to go there. You see my sister’s been living there for the past 20 years and I’ve always promised I’d pay her a visit.

Nickname Shame: Fill in your own…