hundred-reasons-resize2.5m people can’t be wrong and when you’ve shifted that many records you fully deserve to feature on the most talked about backstage pass in rock.

Another week and another rushonrock Rider sees our old buddy Larry Hibbitt from Hundred Reasons under the spotlight.

Don’t forget you can get the re-release of the band’s stunning Quick The Word, Sharp The Action in all good record stores right now. In fact read this later and go out and get it right now…

On your iPod: I quite like this alt country band called Giant Sand and I’m loving the new Meshuggah record. I’ve just bought the new LCD Soundsystem album on vinyl. Mmm.

Small screen pleasure: I don’t really watch TV that much. Charlton Athletic don’t get that many live games these days. I’ve just been watching Monkey Dust on DVD though. Does that count?

Making A Meal Of It: Good old fashioned British fish and chips.

Drivetime: I don’t drive. I live in central London and hence I walk a lot. It’s the sensible thing to do.

Ace Place: Tokyo is absolutely fantastic and a lot of people have bought our records there. I love it. 

Dream Destination: Anywhere in South America. It’s somewhere I’d love to go with or without the band.

Nickname Shame: Loz. There’s no shame in that.