the-black-box-revelationBelgium and heavy rock – hardly a match made in music heaven and yet we might just have turned up the teenage sensations to change all that in the shape of the fresh-faced duo who are The Black Box Revelation.

OK, so the lad on the left doesn’t even look old enough to listen to Led Zeppelin – let alone play gigs where beer is flowing and groupies are cavorting – and yet Jan Paternoster (19) and Dries Von Dijck (17) manage to make quite an impression as rock gods in the making.

Their rock and roll sleaze with bluesy edges will appeal to fans of Zepp just as much as fans of Backyard Babies and the Rolling Stones. There’s only two of ’em but at least there won’t ever be too many musical differences.

The Black Box Revelation will release the rather pleasantly titled debut album Set Your Head On Fire on April 20 and the single Love, Love Is On My Mind will follow seven days later. If you want to try before you buy then click on the following link but we’d hazard a guess you’ll like what you see/hear: