If you’re like us then you’ll be wondering just why it’s all gone quiet on the McQueen front of late. Well, despite the backing of super fretster Slash, word reaches rushonrock that the girls have been on a go-slow in the USA and their second album has now been put back until late 2009.

Our spies on the West Coast tell us that Leah and the gang have settled into life on the other side of The Pond just fine but their writing has suffered as a result. And we understand only three songs deemed good enough to make the cut have been completed for the follow up to storming debut Break The Silence.

Those of us who have followed McQueen’s progress from the early days are growing increasingly desperate to see the girls back over in the UK and playing a slew of the high octane shows which made them such a draw 12 months ago. And we’re eager to hear how the band’s new material measures up to a brilliant first batch of tunes.

It seems like a long time ago that the four-piece were bringing the house down inside the tent on the Aerosmith Hyde Park undercard. And our biggest fear is that the momentum gained from two years of solid touring across Britain and Europe will be lost unless they break their silence sometime soon…

…over to you ladies!