With nothing more than a KK review in Kerrang! 🙁 , some stern criticism on the message boards and even the brush off from James Hetfield not everybody agrees with rushonrock‘s verdict that Chinese Democracy is a cracker.

But whatever your opinion of Axl’s latest one thing’s for sure – it’s reopened the debate on just how good GNR are – or were – and where their canon of rock fits in to the genre’s top tunes.

Here at rushonrock we love a good list and below is our top 10 Gunners tracks – including the outstanding Sorry from the new record. It’s a controversial entry at number nine but it sums up just about everything that’s ever been good about GNR. Check the list, check ’em off and chuck us a response. It should be interesting…

1. My Michelle (Appetite For Destruction)

2. Civil War (Use Your Illusion II)

3. Paradise City (Appetite For Destruction)

4. November Rain (Use Your Illusion I)

5. Patience (GNR Lies)

6. Welcome To The Jungle (Appetite For Destruction)

7. Sweet Child O’ Mine (Appetite For Destruction)

8. Coma (Use Your Illusion I)

9. Sorry (Chinese Democracy)

10. You Could Be Mine (Use Your Illusion II)