Rather sensibly the rock world has attempted to avoid Monday November 24 like the plague – you wouldn’t want to be releasing your new record on the same day as Guns N Roses’ first album in 15 years now would you?

As a result this week’s Rock Solid is a round-up of the best of the rest, rather than the reviews you’re used to on a Sunday evening. But rest assured, when Chinese Democracy is well and truly out of the way we will return with a bang next week when Man-Raze and Frank Turner, among others, will be reviewed in full.

So if you really detest Axl, don’t know what all the fuss is about or simply want to invest in something a bit different can we recommend Linkin Park’s Road To Revolution – Live At Milton Keynes? It’s the definitive record of this summer’s legendary show and how many times has Milton Keynes appeared in the name of a landmark music release?

But if nu nu-metal is not your bag how about Spirit Of The Age – An Anthology 1976-1984 by the frankly whacky Hawkwind? This is bound to make you smile and if, like us, you don’t own any of the band’s material from this oft-forgotten era it may well come as a pleasant surprise. Oh, and Axl, take a look at what you can actually produce in eight years when you’re not kicking your heels in recluse-ville…

Of course rushonrock couldn’t survive without a regular fix of Europe and Joey and the boys just keep getting better. With Almost Unplugged the true quality of a band unfairly dismissed as Bon Jovi’s second division cousins shines through. Their last two studio albums have been stunning, their live shows are sensational and this is worth 12 quid of anyone’s money.

Europe? Guns N Roses? It’s like being back in the late 80s all over again and how cool is that? Self Made Man might not be impressed but it’s time for our favourite era of bombastic rock to take 2008 to the next level. Enjoy.