With the classic rock revival in full swing exciting news reaches rushonrock that two of our favourite artists are to get the full reissue treatment in 2009.

During his short stint with The Quireboys, Jason Bonham was never anything less than a pure gentleman and if it was quite strange seeing him set up his full kit in Trillians that was one hell of a night for all lovers of legendary drumming.

Now SPV/Steamhammer have struck a deal with Sony to reissue the Bonham records The Disregard Of Timekeeping and Madhatter in January/February and we can’t wait. But even better news is the re-release of Bad English classics Bad English and Backlash at the same time.

We finally picked up a CD copy of the latter in Huddersfield this summer and the quality still sounds stunning almost 20 years after one of stadium rock’s first true supergroups got together.

Bad English were one of the best hair metal bands of the genre and it’s about bloody time their outstanding work was revisited. Let’s just pray that it prompts a third and long-awaited record from the group who brought us the uber-ballad When I See You Smile