@ Newcastle Carling Academy, November 5 2008

History was made in Newcastle as Hanoi Rocks played their final UK gig. As an emotive send-off it was quite spectacular.

Saying goodbye in front of a handful of fans, who barely filled a third of the Academy’s main room, maybe wasn’t how it was meant to be.

But at least Mike and Andy knew those people were there to say a fond and heartfelt farewell. In return they delivered a typically brazen and often sublime set.

As Monroe tore through Self Destruction Blues it was impossible to ignore the distance between Hanoi’s charismatic frontman and his buddy of more than 20 years. And if one song sums up the glam masters’ career this must be it.

But it was fantastic, sounded fresh and left a fierce impression on those baying for more. As did latest smash hit Fashion, culled from what will be the Rocks’ final album and testimony to the creative power of Monroe and McCoy as a writing partnership.

Listening to last year’s classy single it was difficult to imagine the end was nigh. By the time Don’t You Ever Leave Me rang out around Tyneside there were even a few grown men moved to tears.

Not Monroe. Not McCoy. They might have felt a tinge of sadness but this show was all about gladness. High School and Tragedy should have been the encore anthems and coming back for two more songs almost took the edge of a memorable night.

Nevertheless, as a landmark event in the world of rock this had to be seen to be believed. Hanoi Rock RIP. Can’t wait to what MM throws at us next…