Rock monsters Nickelback have revealed the follow-up to huge seller All The Right Reasons will be called Dark Horse.

Due for release next month the album will surely benefit from the knock-on effect of feelgood hit of the year Rockstar. But amazingly it’s more than three years since that song first appeared on 2005’s slow burner ATRR – and it’s about time Chad and the gang delivered something new!

Employing Mutt ‘Def Leppard’ Lange to fulfil the production duties suggests this will be another arena rock beast from the chart-busting Canadians. And new single Gotta Be Somebody (it doesn’t really sound like WASP’s I Wanna Be Somebody, honest) is already sending Radio One and Two taste makers into a Nickelback frenzy as it picks up support a full five weeks before release.

Just what happened (apart from Rockstar) to transform one of soft metal’s most unfashionable acts into a must-listen mega-band remains a mystery to all concerned at rushonrock. But we’ve always loved arena hooks and cheese-filled choruses – add Mutt to the mix and what isn’t there to like about Nickelback’s new ‘un?