They’re one of the hottest young rock acts on the UK circuit and this month’s headline tour should confirm Architects’ status as true Brit heroes. Tom Walsh caught up with frontman Sam Carter.

rushonrock: First of all how was your summer been?

Sam Carter: It’s been good.  We’ve been pretty busy but we’ve managed to get back home and had a month off.  It’s nice to be back home so we just chill out, sadly we didn’t see much of the lovely British summer.

rushonrock: So are you looking forward to the upcoming tour?

SC: We’re all really excited about it; it feels like it’s been a long time coming.  We’ve done so many tours since we announced the UK one; there are a lot of good bands on it so it should be a lot of fun.  We’re especially looking forward to the London show, for us any show in London or even Manchester are our favourites.  This time we managed to pick all the bands that we wanted to be on tour with so we’re all really excited to be playing with the guys in those bands [Devil Sold His Soul, Norma Jean & Lower Than Atlantis].

rushonrock: With a lot of the shows being sold out already does that bring an added pressure?

SC: To be honest I think there’s less pressure on us because we’re going into those shows knowing that they’ll be awesome and that most of the people there are really excited to see us.  There’s less pressure because we know the show will be sick and it’s going to be full of proper Architects fans.

rushonrock: So how do you prepare for a tour?

SC: Most of the time we’re already on tour before we join up to another tour but this time we’re at home before we head out.  We’ll probably have a few band practices, get together what we want to do on this tour, sort out the travel and then just dive into it head first.  I also end up packing too many clothes like packing a hundred t-shirts and only wearing four on the entire tour.  Sometimes you don’t get enough time to wash so I just take as much underwear as I can.  I usually just end up wearing the same t-shirt for when I’m on stage for the whole tour but that doesn’t go in my suitcase because it would stink the place out [laughs].  We also have a big, shiny tour bus for this tour as well which is really cool.  We spend the majority of the year on tour in the back of a van so we thought since we’re back home we’d get a massive bus.

rushonrock: What do you listen to on tour?

SC: We listen to weird music on tour.  You don’t want to listen to heavy music when you’re surrounded by it every day so we listen to a lot of Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Thrice you know a lot of relaxing music that helps us go to sleep in the back of the van.

rushonrock: Do you take a medic on tour with you?

SC: Sometimes I wish we did.  Usually the worst injuries we get is like a cut or a bruise so nothing too major but maybe one day when we start doing crazy stuff we’ll be able to take one with us.  I’ve dislocated my knee before and cut my mouth open, it normally happens on the first night of the tour or something ridiculous.  I need to calm down these days can’t be anything too crazy I’m getting old at 22 [laughs].  I can’t run around like I used to when I was 18.  When I was younger I just used to go crazy, jump around in pits, get cuts and be stoked about it.  Now I’m like “God I feel too old to be on a stage let alone getting involved with any of that” [laughs].  I’m starting to feel like a bit of a granddad at 22, it’s fine.  The days of being 17 and drinking a bottle of Cherry Lambrini before are long gone, man those were the days.

rushonrock: You’ve got a new album in the works ‘The Here and Now’.  Tell us about it.

SC: It’s finished and we’re all really stoked about it.  We’ve put the new single up [Day In Day Out] and that seems to have gone down pretty well.  We’ll be playing a couple of new songs on the tour and I literally can’t wait for it to be released because I’ve had it for so long that I’m not even listening to it anymore.  We recorded it months and months ago so it’s already been on our Ipods for ages, I just can’t wait for people to hear it.

rushonrock: Is there much progression from Hollow Crown [2009 release]?

SC: It’s a bit different.  Every record we’ve done is a progression – we’re not the kind of band that wants to stay the same we always want to keep moving forward.  I mean Hollow Crown was a progression from Ruin [2007 release] and this one is another progression.  In some aspects it’s still heavy but it’s faster with more melody.  We did a record that we really wanted to do and we’re really proud of it so we can’t wait for people to hear it.

rushonrock: A lot of bands within this genre, notably Bring Me The Horizon, have their own clothing lines.  Have you ever considered doing your own?

SC: I did think about it but I just can’t be bothered [laughs].  I can’t draw, I can’t design anything, I can’t be bothered to sell anything and my t-shirts would suck so I just figure I’ll leave it to them.  I mean we get a thousand comparisons to Bring Me The Horizon every day so to do a clothing line would just be something else kids would compare us with.  I could make them purposely shit, “here’s my really shit clothing company that I’m going to lose thousands of pounds on, buy my t-shirts.”

rushonrock: Within this genre who would be your pick for bands to look out for in the future?

SC: Lower Than Atlantis.  We’re taking them out on tour and we’re all really big fans of them, we wanted to bring them out with us so people can check them out. Hopefully they do really well on the tour because I’ve got a lot of respect for that band.  They work really hard and hopefully it’ll start paying off for them.

rushonrock: So what are your plans for the rest of 2010 and into 2011?

SC: Once the UK tour has finished we have two days off before going to Ireland for 3 days and then we fly from Ireland to Los Angeles to do 6/7 weeks in America and Canada then we fly from America to Australia then we come home.  As you can tell the rest of our year is pretty busy.  It’s sounds glamorous but it’s all in economy class and in stinky vans.  I mean in Australia we’re really lucky to have Comeback Kid as our support along with This Is Hell, we’re really good friends with both of those bands so it’ll be awesome just hanging out in Australia with them.  It’s a privilege to be on tour with a band like Comeback Kid.

rushonrock: Where do you picture yourself in the next five to ten years?

SC: Probably releasing another couple of records and seeing how they do.  Sleeping and relaxing for like a year after that and then probably getting a job [laughs].  Unless it goes really well and then we’ll end up doing this for the rest of our lives and by then my really bad clothing line will be doing really well.