Apes Of God


Sepultura feat. Rob Cavestany

Sepultura backstory

Brazilian heavy metal heroes Sepultura are fast approaching their 40th anniversary.

And the band shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

With the Cavalera brothers long gone, the South American powerhouse is underpinned by founder member Paolo Jr. and longstanding axeman Andreas Kisser. 

And in frontman Derrick Green, Sepultura boast one of the finest voices in modern metal.

With 15 studio albums under their belt and a reputation for tearing up festival stages across the globe, the quartet continues to set the standard for thought-provoking metal.

And faced with a global pandemic, Sepultura set about reinventing the wheel…with a little help from their friends.

The band launched the weekly SepulQuarta podcast in early 2020 when guests were invited to debate a wide range of topics.

And following the chat, world renowned musos including Devin Townsend, Matt Heafy and Danko Jones were invited to play on a classic Sepultura tune with Kisser and co.

The project yielded 15 reworked classics and will be unleashed on August 13.

Apes Of God, featuring Death Angel’s Grammy nominated guitarist Rob Cavestany, is the latest teaser ahead of next month’s full release.

In guitarist Andreas Kisser’s own words:

“For SepulQuarta we invited amazingly talented friends like Rob to be a part of our project, either jamming with us or as a guest in the many Q&As we promoted.

“We talked about our history, music, politics, sports, philosophy, depression and the environment among other things. 

“We learned a lot with people like Rob and many of the great minds of today. 

“Some amazing guest musicians lent us their talent and energy to record historical versions of Sepultura songs.”

The verdict on Apes Of God

Originally released on 2003’s Roorback, the Cavestany-fuelled take on Apes Of God is a full-throttle blast of brutal metal.

Death Angel’s dextrous six stringer jostles for position with Kisser before launching into a titanic solo worthy of the former’s famous Bay Area heritage.

But the growling Green somehow manages to steal the show on the remotely recorded video as one of metal’s finest frontmen breathes new life into a knuckle-dragging noughties classic.

SepulQuarta allowed Sepultura to revisit a bulging back catalogue in style.

And there’s no denying the delight in the eyes of Cavestany and co. as they rip through a visceral version of a metal monster.

An improvement on the original? Not quite.

But the riff-laden Apes Of God 2021 boasts gorilla-sized muscle in an age of featherweight noodling.

What’s next for Sepultura?

SepulQuarta gets a full release via Nuclear Blast on August 13.

The band’s Quadra tour gets underway in Denmark on November 4 with a string of UK dates starting in Wolverhampton later that month.