Slayer Of Holofernes


Venom Prison

Venom Prison Backstory

Arguably the most important UK death metal act to emerge since Benediction, Carcass and Cancer blasted on to the scene all those years ago, Venom Prison turned heads with their politically-charged debut album, 2016’s Animus.

Its follow-up, 2019’s Samsara, propelled the South Wales band to greater heights and the quintet – unlike many UK extreme metal bands –  have made significant inroads stateside.

Last week, the band released Primeval via Prosthetic Records, which combines re-recordings of their two early EPs, Defy The Tyrant and The Primal Chaos, plus new tracks Slayer of Holofernes and Defiant To The Will Of God.

In Venom Prison’s own words

“Primeval is a collage of different releases that are interwoven with a reinterpretation of religious imagery and criticism. Slayer of Holofernes follows that theme.

“The scene from the book of Judith, follows the protagonist’s character and actions as a challenge to the dominant patriarchal narrative within religious writings.”

On the video…

“We wanted to create a connection between this powerful tale and the art that Eliran Kantor has created for Primeval through the use of water, depicting Larissa (Stupar, vocals) in an ethereal way and through inflicting pain via various methods of water torture on the male character.”

The verdict on Slayer Of Holofernes

Slayer Of Holofernes is based on the assassination of the Assyrian general Holofernes by the Israelite heroine Judith – and it’s as fierce and bloody as that Old Testament tale, a lacerating four minutes of precision carnage.

But the song also hints at Venom Prison’s evolution.

Melodic vocal elements have been introduced to the band’s onslaught for the first time, adding greater depth to their songcraft.

Could that be a sign of things to come?

What’s next for Venom Prison?

They’ve tentatively announced a string of European dates for January and February 2021 – but stress that should Covid-19 get in the way, the tour will still happen at some point.

Texan deathsters Creeping Death and Manc extremists Leeched are set to support.