Lancaster’s anthemic rock five piece, Massive Wagons, are gearing up towards the release of their latest studio album House Of Noise . The album is the highly anticipated follow up to the chart-busting Full Nelson, a UK Top 20 hit in 2018 and the band’s fifth studio album to date.

With House Of Noise‘s limited edition vinyls already sold out, another smash hit is on the cards but what’s the music that inspires the rising stars of the British rock scene? Frontman Barry Mills reveals all:

1. AC/DC- Powerage

Absolutely my favourite AC/DC album. It’s got a depth to it the others don’t have, and it’s probably the heaviest blues album every recorded; it’s mean, dirty and contains Bon’s best lyrical work for me. It’s just flawless start to end, the most dirty raw guitar sound you’ve ever heard, amazing.

2. Glen Campbell- Greatest Hits

I’m not gonna pretend I listen to all Glen’s albums or I’m intimate with various album tracks and B sides, but his bits for me are where it’s at and all I need. Probably the most underrated, understated guitar player that ever lived! Same with his voice, and showmanship, his words and melodies are out of this world. Wichita Lineman, Gentle On My Mind etc. etc. What a legacy!

3. Judas Priest- Painkiller

I got this for Christmas on tape when I was about 12, and it was my first introduction to heavy metal. My dad had a Priest compilation in the car but was never allowed to play it ‘cos my mum wasn’t a fan. But, we’d sneak it on when she wasn’t there and when I got this album I never looked back. I was blown away by the mood changes, the words, the solos, everything really, it made me feel like nothing I’d ever felt before, I never had it out of my ears for months! For me the best metal album ever recorded. 

4. Stone Roses- Second Coming

The Roses were a massive massive part of my musical upbringing. I just loved the honesty of the band and their first album, the songs are completely timeless. Ian can’t sing a note but if that’s what you’re bothered about you’re missing the point of the band. Squire is a riff machine and as a fan of big riffs his style is right up my street. The second album was often panned for some reason which is totally beyond me. It is my go to Roses’ album, just crank Driving South through your stereo and tell me you can’t get with it: monster riff!

5. Black Spiders- Sons Of The North

First saw the Spiders supporting Airbourne. I’m a massive Airbourne fan and worshipped them wherever they went but when the Spiders came flying out of the blocks in Liverpool they absolutely blew my head off! And that’s a tall order when you’re there for Airbourne. Spiby is a brilliant vocalist and frontman. Ozzy is an absolute madman on stage, as are the rest of the band. Si on drums was looking absolutely possessed, just insane. The band recorded at Axis studios in Doncaster and we loved their sound so much that’s where we recorded our next three albums. Sons Of The North is heavy, doomy, dirty, melodic, catchy as hell: start to finish it’s a no skip album. 

6. Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms

Another album handed down from my dad to me. A regular car album as a kid. As a kid you subliminally pick up the track list, lyrics and solos that stick with you forever. This album is personal to me. Some say they have made better albums, but for me this is essential listening from one of the world’s greatest guitar players and storytellers. I’d probably like to put a greatest hits together as I love so much of their stuff, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick this one. 

7. Ginger Wildheart- Year Of The Fanclub

I was really quite unaware of Ginger’s solo music until we supported him on tour. I picked up this album and was absolutely blown away. He is a lyrical genius! He has the ability to say so much but it never sounds overblown or complicated, just fascinating. Maybe, that’s the life experience and honesty shining through. Not a bad song on it once again. He seems to put out pure quality over and over again. And The Wildhearts just keep getting better.

8. Airbourne- Runnin Wild

I’ve never been so blown away immediately by a band in my life, both live and recorded. Their first album is like an explosion of power and noise that only young, angry fellas with Gibsons and Marshalls can deliver. The best live band I’ve ever seen and that album and tour was the catalyst for Massive Wagons. I must have listened to that album every day for a year. 

9. Blackberry Smoke- The Whippoorwill

All the lads in the Wagons are country fans. Blackberry Smoke really ride that line between country and rock n roll sublimely. Again a band that totally sideswiped me and live they are effortlessly sensational. Charlie Starr has such a distinctive voice: a grit and charm not many possess. They are one of those bands that don’t have to do much on stage to still be incredible. Although the first two albums are amazing, this one was the one that grabbed me. 

10. Slade- Slade Alive

I think the best live album ever recorded. I need to remember what live gigs sound like and a crowd atmosphere. Slade have it all – I never saw them  and if I could see one band it would be them. But, alas, I doubt that’s ever going to happen. Noddy is the greatest voice in rock for me – a powerhouse, huge personality, huge songs, huge voice, the greatest rock band ever.

Need some listening inspiration to get you through this lockdown? Why not start with In It Together by Massive Wagons?