The David Cross Band – Sign OfThe Crow (Noisey Records)

Genre – Progressive Rock

Releasing their sixth studio album, The David Cross Band claim to be a trio of musicians at the very peak of their musical powers. And with the complex nature of this album, that claim may very well be true.

Leading the charge is ex King-Crimson electric violinist David Cross, with the band’s mostly instrumental sound supported by guitarist Paul Clark and bassist Mick Paul. With a dark, atmospheric vibe emanating throughout the album, this is not the easiest album rock fans will listen to this year, and is definitely one for those who really appreciate the true intricacies of musicianship.

Since rising to prominence in the early 70s, David Cross has been championed as a pioneer of the electric violin within rock music, and his services to rock cannot be questioned. But this album feels like one that is likely to receive heavy praise from other musicians, rather than rock fans.

Upon the album’s release, the band described this as a complicated album. And, complicated really does sum this one up to a T. Starting with an uplifting wall of sound, the album opens with a beautiful, blues inspired blast of progressive rock, but slowly fades away into a directionless string of songs, that lack any form of vocals until the albums mid-way point.

This vibe continues right through the album, making for a dismissive piece of work that can very quickly fade so far into the background that you practically forget it’s still playing. With such technical musicianship involved, it is a shame that the album lacks that hook that allows you to listen to the album and enjoy it, as opposed to giving it your undying attention throughout.

With such complex sounds mixed together, this album is not to be written off, and will definitely have a highly appreciated audience, but this album is not one for your average rock fan.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 6/10 A Flame Short Of A Fire