Witchcraft – Nucleus (Nuclear Blast)

Genre: Heavy Metal/Doom Metal

The Graveyard-meets-Tull doom-laden metal of The Outcast is a delightful reminder of Witchcraft’s ability to produce a sound that’s so typically Scandinavian and yet so reaffirming in its originality.

Three songs in and the evidence is already pointing to a special release from team behind 2012’s Legend. This is confident, assured and deeply affecting stuff.

Five albums into a 16-year career and there’s every reason to expect a certain level of sonic quality where Magnus Pelander’s post-Norssken project is concerned. Nucleus doesn’t disappoint.

Frequent spins confirm it’s the band’s best album to date: the epic title track sounds like the stirring soundtrack to the new series of Game Of Thrones or Vikings while An Exorcism Of Doubts leans on a lengthy Sabbath-styled intro. before making a supremely powerful modern metal statement. What’s not to like?

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Witch Way Now?