ufoIt’s that time of the week again when our resident classic rocker puts the world to rights.

And today Self Made Man takes a certain pride in schooling the Self Made Kids in the music that matters.

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Son No. 2 has always hated Pink Floyd. Not quite as much as he hates Neil Young but close.

It’s been as surprising as it’s been disappointing because Will has pretty good taste in music.

He’s introduced me to several artists  in recent years – Augustines, Lost Shadow Puppets and Haim for example – and I’ve tried to influence his musical tastes too.

And, it has to be said, I’ve been quite successful.

The Who was a gimme so too Deep Purple and UFO. I think he was into all of them them by the age of 14 though Led Zeppelin was a slow burner with Will.

He loved the music but always said Robert Plant’s voice was a turn-off.. Judging by his Facebook that no longer appears to be an issue with When the Levee Breaks seemingly his current fave.

But Floyd have remained a big no for Will despite acknowledging (grudgingly) that David Gilmour’s guitar solo was probably, maybe, perhaps the best he’d ever heard.

Will is currently studying in Italy and instead of coming home for Easter (he’s flying back next month instead to celebrate his 21st), he’s spending the next few days with one of his Italian pal’s family.

Last night, he was taken to a concert featuring a Pink Floyd tribute act. Not Brit Floyd or the Australian Pink Floyd but an Italian band.

And guess what? He loved it. At least I think he loved it.

I haven’t spoken to him yet but judging by the numerous clips and photos he sent me on WhatsApp, he must have enjoyed it. Or does he just love his Dad and thought I’d appreciate the gesture?

Both Will and his elder brother James are putting me to shame on the live music front.

It’s months since I’ve been to a gig and while I’ll be putting that to rights very soon, the two brothers aren’t missing out despite living abroad.

James saw The Temperance Movement in Prague a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t stopped waxing lyrical about them since. Naturally, it was his old man who introduced him to them.

He actually met singer Phil Campbell afterwards with the Scot expressing surprise to hear someone in deepest Bohemia speaking his own native tongue.

The pair had a good chat with Campbell asking my son all about the rock scene in the Czech Republic.

I don’t know what James told him but he forgot to ask the singer to leave two complimentary tickets on the door so that his Dad and a mate can see The Temperance Movement at Newcastle Unviersity next week!

Ian Murtagh