Welcome to our new series looking at the world’s greatest guitar heroes!

Over the last few weeks we’ve caught up with the key players within the fret burning community.

And we’ve compiled exclusive interviews with the genre leaders – henceforth known as the RUSHONROCKRiffLords.

Today we feature the one and only Steve Vai! 





Riff Lord: Steve Vai

Age: 52

Band: Solo Artist

Current Album: The Story Of Light

Signature riff: For The Love Of God

First song learnt: The riff to Whole Lotta Love

Favourite song played: As above

Favourite Steve Vai song: There are challenges and gratification in all of them. I’m on tour right now and I’m really enjoying playing Gravity Storm.

Favourite rock song ever: I love Black Dog by Zeppelin and Heartbreaker by the same band. Whenever either of those songs come on the radio I feel paralysed.

Favourite other instrument: I really like the cello. It just has a beautiful, round, organic tone.

Your Riff Lord: When I think back to my youth and when I think about it now it’s the same answer: Jimmy Page.