Rarely can there have been so many great bands gigging at the same time and we’re responding by bringing you the rushonrock Rock Feast this week.

Mastodon have provided a meaty aperitif but it’s over to Lostprophets and Machine Head to share the main course duties.

And then there’s the sweet. And in this case the sweet sound of Europe as the sensational Swedes roll out the classics and a clutch of newies from their Last Look At Eden record. We’ve already reviewed Mastodon and we’ll rate the other three over the course of the next six days. But that’s not all.

There’s a behind-the-scenes look at life in Airbourne as Roadsy debuts on the rushonrock Rider. And we’re hoping to catch up with local faves Fables Last Stand as they plot a course for success in 2010 and support The Crave at Newcastle’s Legends this weekend.

We celebrate Europe‘s UK tour by featuring a classic from Joey and the boys in vinyl showcase 12@12 and there’s all the latest news and views throughout the week.

We hope you gorge on the rushonrock Rock Feast. We intend to stuff our faces…