howard leese actionHe’s shifted millions of rock albums worldwide, provided the six-string hooks to complement the vocals of Heart‘s Wilson sisters and Teesside’s Paul Rodgers and now Howard Leese has released one of the hottest records of the year.

In our latest look at life behind the scenes in the wacky world of rock we quiz the veteran muso on what makes him tick. Enjoy.

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to some old Howlin’ Wolf and I listen to a lot of blues rock and classical music. I like Vangelis’ keyboard music and I love Jimi Jamison’s new record. I still like listening to music from the 80s as it wasn’t masked by technical wizardry so much. All of the music on my new album Secret Weapon is played by hand, mostly by me and not by machines.

Small screen pleasure: I get to see lots of Sponge Bob Square Pants in my house and I might switch on The Tonight Show from time to time. And I like 24. But we love going to the movies as a family. I’ve just seen the new Harry Potter film and it was fantastic. 

Making a meal of it: It would have to be a good curry. My wife’s father is from India and we often invite friends round for curry nights. I also like good sushi.

Drivetime: I’m lucky enough to own a Ferrari – a 348 TS. I also have an old 1956 Ford Thunderbird.

Ace place: I like the UK. I’m a big Anglophile and Heart was always very Anglocentric in its outlook and the music it made. I love Scotland too but as far as cities go you can’t beat the big three for rock music – London, New York and Tokyo.

Dream destination: Italy. I don’t know the country at all but now I’m signed to Frontiers in Europe I’m hoping someone will fly me over there soon…

Nickname shame: Hellman. Really.