quireboys griffHe might look like an extra from Oliver Twist in this wholly unflattering pic but Guy Griffin, one of the best blues rock guitarists on the live scene, couldn’t ask for more. He’s in the Quireboys, he played on a Blyth Spartans FA Cup song and he’s the target for this week’s rushonrock Rider!

Some blokes just have all the luck but Griff is the sharing kind and that’s why he’s agreed to let you into a few little secrets regarding his taste in music, food and football (Ok, that last one’s a lie). For the latest behind-the-scenes look at rock’s stars read on.

On your iPod: At the moment I’m listening to Train – a great and sadly missed band from the US who wrote that fantastic song Drops Of Jupiter. I was lsitening to a bit of AC/DC last month because I went to see them at Wembley and a bit of Springsteen because I saw him in Hyde Park the same weekend!

Small screen pleasure: My favourite that we watch all the time on the bus now – especially on all the long trips across Europe – is Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s genius. I buy box sets. I’ve been watching the Tudors, the Sopranos, Deadwood, Band Of Brothers – all the HBO stuff. I love all of that.

Making A Meal Of It: I enjoy a spicey seafood pasta. You can’t beat it.

Drivetime: I don’t really drive at all much now. I’ve got a little van that I carry my gear about in. But the last car I had was an American car – it was a 1977 Mercury Cougar and that was my pride and joy. That was when I was living over in the States. But since I moved back about four years back I haven’t really needed a car. It’s no big deal.

Ace Place: A couple of weeks ago we were in Norway near a little town called Husnes playing a festival with The Alarm. We were staying in a house with a deck looking over a fjord and it was a perfect weekend. I love it there. We’ve played Bergen a couple of times and we go to Norway five or six times a year. They’re lovely people and the scenery is out of this world.

Dream Destination: I’d really love to go to Hawaii. And South America. Every so often we’ll go somewhere out of the ordinary but we do tend to visit the same countries. I’d like to see China and I’d definitely love to see India.

Nickname Shame: When I joined the Quireboys I was told I was Griff and that stuck. But some people still call me Guy and I can never remember who knows me as what. I get confused so imagine how they feel!