therapy-new-resizeIt’s back – the behind-the-scenes snapshot of the stars as we delve deep into their lives of perfect domesticity and discover far less sex, drugs and rock and roll than the myth would have you imagine.

This week the spotlight falls on that fantastic Ulsterman Andy Cairns, riding high on the back of his band’s brilliant Crooked Timber record and gearing up for what promises to be a demonic set at Download 2009.

On your iPod: I really like an Italian avant garde jazz rock fusion act called Zu who are on Mike Patton’s label. It’s pretty dark and rhythmical stuff. And I like a band from the midwest called Hair Police.

Small screen pleasure: I haven’t really watched a lot of TV lately. Yep, I’m that boring. I like the two-part crime dramas and that kind of thing. And I love The Wire. I watch Newsnight and Match Of The Day regularly – especially when Chelsea are on the latter. 

Making A Meal Of It: I love a good Indian meal. Vegetarian stuff and a nice lobster dish do it for me. Give me a bit of jalfrezi any day!

Drivetime: I drive a Saab estate. I used to have an old ’82 Saab 900 aand I’ve wanted another one ever since. It’s my dream car. But a bus in Cambridge went into the side of it. Sad story.

Ace Place: It’s got to be St Lucia in the Caribbean. I treated my wife and I to our honeymoon there. When things were good money wise we treated ourselves again and went back. It’s one of the few places in the world I can just switch off.

Dream Destination: I’ve seen the world in my job but I’ve never been to Vietnam or Thailand. I’d like to tick them off the list. I’d also like to go somewhere remote like Antarctica.

Nickname Shame: Don’t have one. Never had one. People call me Cairnsy if that counts?