wallstreetriotsAlways on the look out for something a little bit wacky and very much rocky we’ve landed upon this little gem from emerging quartet Wall Street Riots.

With their new EP Playground Politics due for release next month the guys have lifted the delightful Dr King from the four-track taster and turned it into rushonrock‘s video of the week! And it rocks.

Singer Charlie Cosser clearly doesn’t lack confidence when he says:  “We are a breath of fresh air. We don’t act like many bands and with us there’s no script.  “We’re raw, energetic and most important of all we can have a laugh. If people want to feel like they can have us as four new friends then that’s great.”

Of course super-cool Chas can’t avoid the odd rock cliche and he adds: “Music is everything. Nothing could give me a greater high than being able to play a good show, speaking to someone who liked a song or bought a T-shirt. At the same time it’s great to see us four develop as musicians, band mates and friends.”

But we’ll forgive him this heinous example of cheese because his band’s vid is so cool. Check it out and pinch a copy of Playground Politics from May 18…