They’re one of Slash’s fave new bands. They’ve played on the same bill as Aerosmith and supported Velvet Revolver.

They look good. They sound even better. And they’re making a big noise Stateside.

But over here in Blighty we want them back. And we want them back now.

Little or nothing has been heard of the mighty McQueen since they headed off to the US last year to start work on the follow up to 2007’s Break The Silence.

By all accounts they slotted seamlessly into the LA scene, hot-footed it to Virginia to do some writing and now boast a contacts list longer than their set list (though that wouldn’t be hard).

And the future looks rosy for Brighton’s finest as they prepare to unleash their addictive blend of rauc and roll on the world. Or does it?

Over here sources close to their UK record label suggest there’s a good degree of frustration and anxiousness borne out of their prolonged stay in the Sates.

Having established themselves as one of the hardest-working, best loved live acts in Britain and Europe McQueen have – as far as fans over here are concerned – disappeared off the face of the earth.

The momentum has been lost. The intense buzz surrounding Leah Duors and her colleagues has become more of a background noise.

And there are genuine fears that, however good McQueen’s second album turns out to be, it’s going to be a case of back to the drawing board for a band haemorrhaging supporters at an alarming rate.

It’s not as if the new record’s on its way anytime soon. By all accounts an album’s worth of recorded and mixed material is still a long way off and for a band in its infancy such a gap between records is always bad news.

With not so much as an EP or a tide-over single seeing the light of day since the re-packaged and re-released expanded edition of Break The Silence it’s scarily quiet on the McQueen front.

And all the while contenders for the niche market that is all-female rock are catching up fast.

Even Crucified Barbara – who have taken almost four years to follow up In Distortion We Trust – are back on the scene and gunning for the UK/Euro audience McQueen cultivated with calm efficiency only to leave them behind.

In the cut and thrust business of the rock and roll industry you’re only as good as your last show, your last album and your last interview. Here at rushonrock we’ve been badgering the powers that be for a catch-up with one of our favourite acts for months but the lines of communication have gone disappointingly quiet.

In addition their official website hasn’t reported any new news for months and their MySpace site is bereft of any recent blogs. Now we know they’re looking for yet another bass player but come on…something must be happening.

Of course all’s not lost for McQueen quite yet. If they could just give us a hint of the exciting future to come, a snapshot of their new songs and a one-off club gig back home in Britain at least we’d have something to cling to on these long, dark January nights…