If, like us, you kinda missed out on the great tide of critical accalim which greeted the arrival of US rockers The Gaslight Anthem earlier this year then now could be the time to switch on.

Monday sees the fantastic foursome release the latest single from their Ted Hutt-produced second album, The ’59 Sound , and Old White Lincoln could do some serious damage on the Decemeber charts.

Now it’s out too early to challenge for the Chrimbo number one spot but it has the balls to outlast many of next week’s releases and it could well be a grower. With a Kerrang! front cover behind them, praise from Classic Rock Mag in the bag and fresh comparisons with The Boss himself following every show it seems The Gaslight Anthem really are that good.

As always we won’t tell you one way or the other but we do have the video of Old White Lincoln right here, right now. Just don’t get too hooked. TGA go out on tour in 2009 but like so many emerging acts right now they don’t seem too keen on carting their gear all the way up to the North East. Shame, because we’re sure they’d get a fantastic welcome and just imagine the atmosphere at a packed-out Cluny or a heaving Academy 2…

Anyway for now we can watch them afar and just hope that our good friend Frank Turner – who supports TGA in February and March – persuades the New Jersey crew of the error of their ways. It’s not too late to switch the dates!