@ Offshore 44, November 4 2008

The second of the now-monthly Nights Of Dirty Rock And Roll asked some serious questions of the organisers and headliners in front of one of the smallest crowds ever to witness Adam, Lee and Steve in full swing. Come the end of the evening those questions had been answered.

It takes a certain self-confidence and style to play in front of less than 20 people on a cold November night. It would be easy to pack up and go home but these guys live to play – not for them the luxury of playing to live.

And anyway, rushonrock was there. The bar staff were there. And the lovely lady in the long dark coat was there. Even if you couldn’t call it a crowd then you could certainly call it a select gathering of true music lovers. And we fully appreciated a typically blistering set.

New track Ink proved to be a super-heavy power ballad straight from the heart of one of the North East’s most engaging singer songwriters. In former band Baby Rattlesnakes, DRR frontman Adam penned the brilliant Beautiful To Me and there’s an old romantic just waiting to burst out from somewhere inside that crazy mop of curly hair.

Staple favourites Halo and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah drew the warmest applause and why not? These are chart busting rock classics just waiting to be heard by a wider audience and for now we feel privileged to know them well.

Dirty Rock And Roll remain the best kept secret in North East rock but sometime soon the secret will be out. And we’ll be telling everyone who cares to listen about that night in front of 20 punters at Offshore…

rushonrock rated: 8/10 We Could See You Sneaking Out