Continuing rushonrock‘s celebration of all things AC/DC this week we are digging deep into our collection of battered vinyl to bring you a slice of Aussie action which all too often gets overlooked. Today we focus on the second single from 1988’s Blow Up Your VideoThat’s The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll

This is the AC/DC anthem that still sends shivers down the spine on every listen and yet mention it to the majority of ‘DC fans and they’d give you a disintrested shrug of the shoulders before laughing loudly in your face.

But here at rushonrock we’re no followers of metal fashion and this song’s great because it’s exactly what the Young bros. and BJ are all about. Of course it’s got ‘rock’ and ‘roll’ in the chorus so that ticks a box right away. But it also boasts some supreme riffage and a real attitude.

Released at the height of the hair metal revolution it managed to compete with many of the more radio-friendly anthems of the time and persuaded some of us that there was still a place for four ageing blokes writing ridiculously simple rock songs. Two decades on and there still is…