Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Kit Trigg

Kit Trigg backstory

Friends Kit Trigg (vocals, guitar), Guy Fenegan (bass, backing vocals) and Nic Sleight (drums, backing vocals) write classic rock songs for the present day.

Multiple tours across the UK and Ireland have added invaluable experience to the band’s burning ambition.

And Kit Trigg have gone on to sell out shows from Newcastle to Brighton in their quest to breathe new life into the buoyant NWOCR scene.

Opening up for Muddy Waters Jr, Nick Oliveri, The Dust Coda, These Wicked Rivers and more has exposed the thumping three-piece to a new army of would-be fans.

But 2024 looks like being the band’s biggest year yet with an already rammed diary filling up fast.

New partnerships with Rock People Management, Holy Cow Management and Earache Digital Distribution have given Kit Trigg fresh impetus.

And Pete Hutchings’ trademark touch behind the mixing desk ensured December’s Going For Glory EP gained glowing reviews.

In Kit Trigg’s own words

“The song began as a protest song about people who write protest songs.

“The primary target: sociopaths in yoga pants who weaponise their ‘enlightenment’ for money, sex and power.

“They quote the meaningful scriptures of the ancient East just to lure vulnerable young people into their clutches — one subscription to their retreats at a time.

“But the positive spin in this song is in the last verse, peace and love are not found on the other side of a gas guzzling aeroplane, but in the core of each human being.

“If you’re looking for a light at the end of your tunnel, it’s in you and it’s in me. 

“But it’s tucked away quite deeply and it doesn’t need a credit card or stamps in your passport…it just requires some digging.”

The verdict on Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Scuzzed up vocals and a biting garage rock riff ensure Light At The End Of The Tunnel takes no time at all to tighten its grip.

Trigg’s trademark fretwork and firebrand lyrics underpin a passionate performance from the frenzied frontman.

And in fewer than three minutes, one of the most exciting emerging talents on the NWOCR scene has us hooked.

This is fast-paced, furious, faithful stuff from a richly authentic singer-songwriter with rebellious spirit in spades.

In fact, this thunderous track is the very essence of raw and unfiltered, riotous rock and roll.

Props to Hutchings for capturing the burning heart of a red hot prospect.

And for those looking for a sign that guitar music’s alive and kicking, then this is the Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

What’s next for Kit Trigg

The band heads to Tyneside later this month after bagging a slot on the Coastal Crawl Festival.

And there are five shows booked in as support for Marissa And The Moths in May.

An eight date run opening up for Sons Of Liberty gets underway from October 10 — kicking off in Swindon and wrapping up in Glasgow on October 26.