Elles Bailey


Lean On My Love

Elles Bailey backstory

No stranger to the pages of Rushonrock, the peerless Bailey last bagged a Red Hot Track Of The Week in 2021.

And her classy cover of John Prine’s I Remember Everything was everything we love about an artist as diverse as she is compelling.

Lean On My Love showcases the softer side of a singer songwriter whose husky, blues-soaked tone has captured the imagination of festival crowds across the globe…

…and even earned the brilliant Bailey her own show on Planet Rock.

That weekly insight into who and what inspires one of the UK’s best kept secrets is always illuminating.

And Bailey’s astute choice of tunes goes some way to explaining the creative process behind a generational talent. 

Way back in 2017 the sparky Wildfire announced the bullish Bristolian as one to watch.

Two years later Road I Call Home delivered on that punchy debut’s obvious potential.

But the post-lockdown Shining In The Half Light just about shaded Bailey’s previous work as her best record yet.

The multi award winning artist teased new EP The Night Owl And The Lark with last month’s single Mumma & Me.

And Lean On My Love is the latest track culled from Bailey’s hotly anticipated February 2024 release.

In Elles Bailey’s own words

“During ‘lockdown season one’, as I like to call it, a writer from America (Mike Morgan) reached out to me.

“He said that he had a bunch of lyrics he’d written with his co-writers and asked if I would like to put some music to them.

“I was intrigued — I had never worked as a writer in this way before but as I had a lot of time on my hands I asked him to send them over to me.

“I was really drawn to the lyrics of Lean On My Love.

“So for the first time ever I sat down and composed the music and melody inspired by reading the lyrics and I only edited the lyrics a little bit.

“It’s the one and only time I’ve ever worked like this and it was a really interesting experience to write this way.

“To this day I have not met any of the lyric writers…but Mike and I talk a lot via email.”

The verdict on Lean On My Love

Rock chick. Tick. Americana queen. Tick. Blues sister. Tick.

Now it’s time to add soul diva to Elles Bailey’s extensive resumé.

Lean On My Love is an emotional deep dive awash with evocative melody.

Driven by Ross Stanley’s cavernous keys, it boasts echoes of the 70s soul greats.

And there’s neither a note wasted nor a lyric overlooked as Bailey throws herself into a truly uplifting piece of work.

Stanley, a member of Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, always threatens to steal the show.

But Bailey knows when to take Lean On My Love to the next level — the ebb and flow of a typically rich vocal is perfectly pitched.

What’s next for Elles Bailey

EP The Night Owl And The Lark is available for pre-order now.

Bailey returns to the UK later this week following two shows in Germany.

Saturday sees her perform a hometown show to celebrate the opening of Bristol’s Beacon.