Hunters In The Sky


Green Lung

Green Lung backstory

Londoners Green Lung have only been around since 2017. But in that time earned a devoted following, as 2022’s titanic Damnation Festival performance showed.

The spirits of ancient Albion swirl around their exuberant occult rock – and a fascination with English folklore and pre-Christian Britain permeates the quintet’s work.

Green Lung’s second album, 2021’s Black Harvest, was a real game changer, propelling them out of the UK’s doom/stoner underground and on to support slots with the likes of Clutch.

But This Heathen Land, which was released via Nuclear Blast this month, could send Green Lung into the stratosphere, judging by the initial reception to the album.

Hunters In The Sky follows Maxine and One for Sorrow as the latest track from This Heathen Land to get the video treatment.

In Green Lung’s own words

Hunters In The Sky was inspired by the Right to Roam movement, who protested the banning of wild camping on Dartmoor last summer.

“It’s a song about standing up to the English aristocracy’s attempts to control our common land, and a celebration of the beautiful Dartmoor landscape, from Wistman’s Wood to Crockern Tor.

“We’d always wanted to write a song about the Wild Hunt, one of the most dramatic European folkloric motifs, and hopefully we’ve done it justice.

“We hope you enjoy it and huge thanks to Billy Price for directing this and all the other videos for this album, and to Blackthorn Ritualistic Folk Group for dancing in the video and supplying some incredible folk costumes, especially a truly majestic replica of the Dorset Ooser, who you might see on stage with us soon.”

The verdict on Hunters In The Sky

Hunters In The Sky is typical of This Heathen Land: it’s a beautifully carved rock song that nods as much to Queen or Muse as it does to the heavy psych and doom scenes, and features a startling vocal performance from Tom Templar – as well as some exquisite organ work courtesy of John Wright.

This is arena-level, make no mistake about it. All of the ingredients are there.

Green Lung for Glasto anyone?

What’s next for Green Lung?

Green Lung’s 10-date UK headline tour starts on November 22 at The Cathouse in Glasgow.

The band have also announced a full European tour for 2024, with dates stretching from March to May. Support comes from Spirit Adrift and Lowen.