Unearthly Extinction 


Disguised Malignance

Disguised Malignance backstory

Founded by vocalist Felix Pennanen and bassist Aatos Palmu, Disguised Malignance emerged from Helsinki in 2021 with the Diabolical Extermination demo, and followed that up in February this year with a rehearsal promo EP, Unearthly Death.

They obviously turned some heads over at Prosthetic Records HQ, as the label will shortly be releasing the young quintet’s debut album, Entering the Gateways.

In vocalist Felix Pennanen’s own words

Unearthly Extinction is a ferocious, groovy and subtly melodic track that captures the blend of different styles of death metal quite well.

“The erratic twists and turns together with ear-catching hooks and tasteful leads make for an intense yet memorable death metal brutalizer.”

The verdict on Unearthly Extinction 

Diabolical Extermination made a sizeable dent in the Finnish underground, thanks to tracks like Step In The Grave. And that early promise has blossomed into something very powerful indeed, if Unearthly Extinction is anything to go by.

Boasting a chasm-deep guitar tone and a muscular rhythmic architecture, this track goes straight for the jugular. The switch-ups in pace are sublime. Pennanen’s vocals are vomited from a pitch black ocean trench.

However, for all its savagery, Unearthly Extinction has a spectral aura that surrounds those searing riffs and Cthulhu-spawned grooves. One listen and you’re desperate for more.

Yes, plenty of emerging bands – on both sides of the Atlantic – are mining old school death metal for inspiration.

But only a few do it with the panache shown by Disguised Malignance.

What’s next for Disguised Malignance?

Entering the Gateways will be released via Prosthetic Records on September 29.

Band photo by Eero Palmu.