Jack J Hutchinson

Jack J Hutchinson backstory

A little over 12 months ago Jack J Hutchinson’s What Doesn’t Kill You (Only Makes You Stronger) bagged Rushonrock’s Red Hot Track Of The Week.

How time flies.

Honestly, we thought the boy from Burnley had probably peaked.

That heady fusion of lived experience and melodic heft — reworked by Kevin Shirley — made for a genuine career milestone.

It was the sound of an assured singer songwriter far removed from 2013’s reflective and raw debut Feathers And Fools.

Indeed, the Hutch has grown in leaps and bounds since Paint No Fiction (2017) and the fabulous Who Feeds The Wolf (2019).

And last year’s riff-laden humdinger The Hammer Falls — featuring What Doesn’t Kill You — confirmed Jacky boy as the crown prince of heavy blues.

Fuelled by ambition, passion and a fair few knockbacks, his is an inspirational story of triumph in the face of adversity.

Battles with ill-health, alcohol and people who hate hats have only made Hutchinson stronger.

Hence the next chapter in a stirring tale.

Battles — the album — drops next February and lead single Constellations is another stone cold classic.

Peaked? Jack J Hutchinson’s only just getting started.

In Jack J Hutchinson’s own words

Constellations was the first track written for the album.

“Last year, I was in Los Angeles performing my first shows in America and wrote the verses and chorus in my hotel room and in a soundcheck before one of the shows.

“It originally had a slightly slower, more bluesy vibe but when I sent it to producer Josiah Manning, he transformed it into a three-minute, in-your-face rocker!

“It’s straight out of the blocks and doesn’t let up until the final note hits.

“The song is about being positive and sticking to your guns, even when everyone around you is trying to pull you down.

“It’s got one of those ‘punch the air’ choruses and will be a blast to play live!”

The verdict on Constellations

Think you know Jack J Hutchinson?

Think again.

And there’s no doubt co-writer and producer Josiah Manning has had a huge part to play in 2023’s thrilling transformation.

This is Hutchinson gloriously reimagined as Black Country Communion-era Glenn Hughes.

There’s a distinct nod to The Voice Of Rock’s brief but brilliant stint with The Dead Daisies

In fact, cool-as-fuck anthem Constellations plots the type of unashamedly commercial course that’s taken Kris Barras to festival headliner status.

It’s three minutes of full-throttle hard rock heaven with a blistering solo to boot.

Hutchinson’s axe work is so hot it could yet save summer.

And as a first blast from new album Battles, it’s an explosive statement of intent.

Welcome back, Jack: Constellations reveals Hutchinson’s true star quality.

What’s next for Jack J Hutchinson

Battles is released via Earache Digital Distribution next February.

Before then Hutchinson heads out on a full UK headline tour — kicking off in Coulsdon on September 26.

A Planet Rockstock set wraps up a busy 2023 on December 3.