Silverburn backstory

James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac will be a familiar figure to many UK metalheads: the Welshman was the heartbeat of Taint and Hark, two bands that pre-dated the current wave of British extreme music, and brought gloriously chunky riffs, psych sludge and slab-like grooves to the underground. The frontman is a well respected artist too, and has created striking pieces for the likes of Clutch, High on Fire and Converge.

Silverburn, which began in 2020’s lockdown winter, is his first musical project since Hark’s split in 2017.

A fully ‘solo’ effort, multi-instrumentalist Isaac spent 12 months practicing drums for Silverburn, and in January 2023, the forthcoming debut album, Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation (SITA), was recorded with producer Gethin Pearson at his Institute of Sonic Architecture studios.

Annihilation is the first single to be released from the album.

In Jimbob Isaac’s own words

“I’ve always written music from a rhythmical standpoint. For this record, the nucleus of all the writing has stemmed from the drums themselves. The riffs and songs have followed.

“A good song writes itself however, so no matter where you begin, you have to allow the song to take on its own life, its own narrative, to build its own motifs, layers and identity. The song then tells you what it needs, and you are just the conduit through which it writes itself.”

The verdict on Annihilation

A collision of angular noise rock and brutal metallic hardcore, Annihilation is a step away from Taint and Hark’s more progressive vibes, but it still retains those trademark Jimbob flourishes – and demonstrates his enviable flair for rhythmic dynamism and inventive fretwork.

It ripples with tension. It’s short and to the point. And it does what it says on the tin.

We can’t see fans of Isaac’s previous work being disappointed…

What’s next for Silverburn?

SITA will be released on August 11 via MSH Music Group. Silverburn will then play at ArcTangent festival in Bristol, which takes place from August 16 -19: drummer Adam French Henderson and bassist Ross Barrington will be backing Jimbob on stage.

Silverburn photo by Chris Treseder.