The word on the street

Pete Briley might have drawn comparisons to Pete Doherty following the release of his previous single.

But we don’t hold that against him!

In fact, one of the most insanely talented multi-instrumentalists this side of the English Channel sounds pretty unique to us.

Apparently, Pete loves to write and record. And we love him for it.

Having mastered most things with strings (and other stuff too) there’s no limit to what Briley can muster.

He’s in the right place at just the right time where we’re concerned.

A quick reminder

The boy Briley is one third of Rushonrock-approved countryfied Southern rock royalty The Outlaw Orchestra.

Last month the band emerged from Call Of The Wild on the back of one of the most talked about sets of the weekend.

But it’s quite clear that Pete needs a break from his wise-cracking band-mates every so often.

And the multi-talented muso’s solo work is a wonder to behold.

Right Place, Wrong Time follows hot on the heels of the equally enchanting Rhonda.

Whisper it quietly…it might well be Briley’s best work yet!

The story behind Right Place, Wrong Time

“The main aim with Right Place, Wrong Time was to try to capture a sense of what it’s like to be in our generation.

“We’ve all had a tough ride and crossed a lot of rainbows to find nothing at the end but the charred remains of a few broken promises.

“And I think that’s given the lot of us a plucky, all-for-one character that I just love.

“We’re all overrated upstarts with ideas above our station and always just a little out of luck.

“But we have the audacity to hope for more and take every slap around the face with a grin.”

The verdict on Right Place, Wrong Time

What can you do with a load of footage from a trip Down Under and less than two minutes to do it in?

Answer: create one of the feelgood tunes of the summer!

Briley’s the kind of bloke we could listen to for hours.

But a touch under 120 seconds will have to do.

This tune’s a super tasty summer love-in aimed at a resolute generation.

And we love the fact Right Place, Wrong Time works as an alternative timer for our packet rice.

What’s next for Pete Briley

The hat-trick of solo singles?

We wouldn’t bet against it.

But before then you can catch Briley and his Outlaw Orchestra buddies at the Maid Of Stone Festival on July 23.