Killed By Cobain


Luke Morley

Luke Morley backstory

Best known as the genius songwriter behind every single Thunder album, Luke Morley has always been an artist ahead of his time.

And the multi-talented Londoner has never been one to rest on his laurels.

When it became clear mid 80s pop rock nearly men Terraplane needed to reboot, Morley and best mate Danny Bowes hatched Thunder.

And when the best British blues rock band in a generation were on hiatus towards the end of the noughties, their driving force found a fresh route to rock and roll redemption.

Much-missed blues crew The Union — featuring frontman Pete Shoulder — scratched Morley’s itch until Thunder returned.

And three criminally underrated albums in three years remain must-listen back catalogue classics.

Since Thunder roared back with 2015’s devilishly entertaining Wonder Days, that man Morley has enjoyed a purple patch.

Writing, recording and producing five Top 10 albums on the bounce, the prolific Power Station alumnus shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

And it comes as no surprise that upcoming album Songs From The Blue Room came about when Morley had ‘time on his hands’ during lockdown.

With Thunder facing another spell on the sidelines following Bowes’ serious head injury the time’s right for Morley to fly solo.

And as a new generation of Thunder fans enjoys the vinyl reissues of the band’s first three long players, long-time devotes of the band’s creator in chief can revel in the lead single from one of 2023’s most anticipated drops.

In Luke Morley’s own words

Killed By Cobain looks back at a strange time in my career when Thunder were on the brink of success in the USA.

“We had a single in the top 50 over there, we’d sold 250,000 albums and we thought we were off to the races.

“But then Grunge happened and we found ourselves in the deeply unfashionable bucket!

“The tour we were booked on, opening for David Lee Roth, didn’t sell and we ended up never touring there.

“So near and yet so far! Fortunately, I can laugh about it now…”

The verdict on Killed By Cobain

It’s gonna be alright/I’m over it now/it’s outta sight,” sings a reflective Luke Morley on the feelgood ‘hit’ of the summer.

This sweet as honey taste of cool Americana via Brighton buzzes with optimism.

And if Morley — the most affecting of storytellers — looks back on a hugely disappointing period of his career with refreshing honesty then there’s no hint of bitterness.

In fact, Killed By Cobain serves as an anthem of hope and redemption as Thunder’s philosophical six-stringer looks back on a life well lived.

The Tom Petty-meets-Kinks vibe underpinning Morley’s magnificent lament should dominate the airwaves as spring turns to summer.

Turn the corner from Waterloo station, head Into The Great Wide Open and that’s where you’ll find Morley, guitar in hand, taking his creative cue.

Anyone who’s followed the career of this incredibly versatile songwriter won’t be surprised that Songs From The Blue Room boasts a belter of a lead single.

Thanks to Nirvana, Morley’s reached a blissful high.

Killed By Cobain is a Kurt above.

What’s next for Luke Morley

Songs From The Blue Room is released via Conquest Music on June 23.

A limited edition blue vinyl version is available for pre-order now.

Expect select solo shows later this year.