King Of The Infinite Void



Mezzrow backstory

In the late 80s every serious collector of must-listen underground thrash was after a fabled copy of Frozen Soul and The Cross Of Tormention.

Mezzrow’s game changing demo tapes go for more than £50 apiece on collectors’ sites…if you can find one.

But if you can’t then April’s brand new album Summon They Demons echoes the band’s glory days.

1990’s classic debut Then Came The Killing established Mezzrow as ones to watch on the Music For Nations imprint Active Records.

And there’s an easily available 2022 remaster of that career-defining album out now.

Ultimately Mezzrow’s fall was as rapid as their meteoric rise and Then Came The Killing has remained the band’s only full-length offering…until Summon Thy Demons.

During 2021 the band rose from the ashes when bass player Conny Welén (ex-Hexenhaus) and singer Uffe Pettersson (ex-Rosicrucian) reunited.

Flash guitarists Magnus Söderman (Nightrage) and Ronnie Björnström (ex-Defiatory, ex-Aeon) have made Mezzrow a must-listen all over again.

And the band’s Scando-steel meets Bay Area brawn has never sounded better.

In Mezzrow’s own words

King Of The Infinite Void is the first song on the album (Summon Thy Demons).

“We’re extremely satisfied with it straight through!

“This one points towards all the dictators and warmongers in the world of today.

“But it does it in a sort of metaphorical way.”

The verdict on King Of The Infinite Void

Best enjoyed against the backdrop of its doom-laden video, King Of The Infinite Void is a killer slab of piercing thrash metal.

A desolate landscape not dissimilar to a scene from Stranger Things sets off a thrill ride of an anthem.

And powerful frontman Uffe Pettersson paces a fist-pumping call to arms with the precision of a true master of the metal trade.

King Of The Infinite Void bridges the gap between the end of thrash’s golden era and the beginning of a brave new dawn for a genre in rude health.

Mixing the clean riffing of Kreator with the nuanced noise of latter day Death Angel, Mezzrow have finally peaked…more than 30 years after dropping their legendary debut.

What’s next for Mezzrow

Summon Thy Demons is released via Fireflash Records on April 21 with a range of coloured vinyls and merch packages on offer.

The band will play its first German show — and the first featuring songs from the new album — at the Keep It True festival on April 20.