Fever Dream



Spell backstory

Formed in 2013 as a reincarnation of Stryker, this Canadian band doff their caps to 70s rock and metal, and have conjured up four albums to date under their current moniker.

Since 2020’s acclaimed Opulent Decay, Spell have stripped down to the duo of Cam Mesmer and Al Lester – and have been busy writing their forthcoming fifth opus, Tragic Magic.

Fever Dream is the second single to be taken from the new full-length, following the release of Ultraviolet in September.

In vocalist/guitarist Cam Mesmer’s own words… 

Fever Dream comes directly from the most evil and frightening moments I’ve experienced in the depths of illness and sleep.

“These things may not make sense in the light of day, but once they take hold you have no choice but to follow their twisted path.

“Deep within nightmares and sleep paralysis, I have conflicting desires: first the urge to shake myself and escape, but also a second, deeper instinct – to give in to the feeling and allow it to conquer me completely to see where it will take me.

“This song represents your darkest subconscious, urging you to allow that evil inside of yourself and give it the agency to take you somewhere new, somewhere unholy. Now go back to sleep…”

The verdict on Fever Dream

Big chorus, sharp solos and dark lyrics, all wrapped in tight denim? Yep, Fever Dream is an effortlessly cool slab of proto-metal and psych-rock, perfect for soundtracking a midnight wander through the woods.

Short, sweet and seductive, this latest taste of Tragic Magic is the perfect showcase for Spell’s fine songcraft.

And anyone with penchant for Papa and his ghouls will surely find much to love here…  

What’s next for Spell?

Tragic Magic will be released on October 28 via Bad Omen Records.