Cathedrals of Blood (Twilight of the Idols)



Phobophilic backstory

North Dakota’s Phobophilic emerged in 2016 and rapidly gained momentum, thanks to two demos, 2019’s Undimensioned Identities EP and a split release with Canada’s Sedimentum.

The death metal crew have also toured with Gatecreeper and Mutilatred, and appeared at the likes of LDB Fest and Philadelphia Death Nexus.

That early groundwork came to fruition last month, with the release of their explosive debut album, Enveloping Absurdity, on Prosthetic Records.

Drawing inspiration from Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre and Fredrich Nietzche, the record is a work of philosophical exploration, wrapped in intriguing and intelligent DM.

In Phobophilic’s own words

Cathedrals of Blood has some real stand out moments from each member so naturally when deciding what song to do an in-studio video for, it was the first one to come to mind.

“Lyrically the song is a slight departure in theme from the rest of the album, it focuses on the damage that religion has done to society and the hypocritical ways people choose to act on their beliefs.”

The verdict on Cathedrals of Blood (Twilight of the Idols)

On Enveloping Absurdity, Aaron Dudgeon, Josh Poer, Christian Alm and Vincent Tweten proved that their early promise wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

Sure, the Fargo quartet pull on old school death metal roots. But their twisted technicality and organic grooves combine to ensure they stand out in a burgeoning US death metal scene.

Cathedrals of Blood (Twilight of the Idols) is one of Enveloping Absurdity’s many standout tracks… and certainly reinforces their status as one of USDM’s most exciting new acts.

Warped riffery flows around Tweten’s percussive dynamism, and Phobophilic create myriad shifts in tempo and mood as the track evolves to its doom-laden conclusion.

It’s one hell of a ride.

What’s next for Phobophilic?

The band have announced they’ll be heading out in November on the Slave To The Grave Tour across the US and Canada. Also featuring Undeath, Enforced and 200 Stab Wounds, the tour kicks off in Cambridge, MA on November 11 and finishes at Rochester, NY on December 18.

Band photo by Andy Wilcox.