All week Rushonrock’s turning the focus on WWE’s superstars. Our King Of the Ring Andy Spoors was invited to catch up with a raft of big names during Clash At The Castle and first up he took on Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair.

Rushonrock: How different does being in the UK for Clash In The Castle feel to the annual UK tours?

Bianca Belair: It feels way bigger! All our Premium Live Events are huge but, for me, especially to come to another country, see the posters round the city and see my face on it and so many other Superstars, seeing everybody so excited? It feels really huge.

Rushonrock: You’re one of the biggest success stories to come out of NXT and it’s been such a rapid rise to the top. Do events like this really ground you in your journey?

Bianca Belair: I feel like everything grounds me! No matter what, I look around and I think how did I get here so quickly? A lot of this happened so fast, but I try to be grateful for every opportunity that comes my way. Whether it is main eventing WrestleMania, whether it is being on Monday Night Raw or a live event during the week. It is a gift just to be in front of the fans and really just be out there on this amazing platform. I take full advantage of that and I’m just so grateful for it.

Rushonrock: So you’re the humbl-EST too then?

Bianca Belair: Yes! Anytime you can add EST to a word, that’s my word!

Rushonrock: At SummerSlam you had one of the matches of the night against Becky Lynch. Very early on Becky had a nasty injury. Talk us through that situation, do you try and stick to the plan and hope she can still go? Or do you have to just do the best you can on the fly?

Bianca Belair: Being in the ring with someone like Becky Lynch, she is just amazing. You just feel so at ease and it gives you so much confidence. I consider myself the tough-EST, but Becky Lynch is really tough you know? Even though she had that injury, I still had the confidence that we could get through it. It’s kind of a thing that you don’t even think about, you just keep pushing through. It’s like WrestleMania when I got the black eye, I never thought for a minute that I was going to stop. Just let me keep on doing what we are doing. It really shows just how tough she is and I can’t wait for her to come back.

Rushonrock: At Clash At The Castle you went up against Bayley and two other NXT graduates in Dakota Kai and Iyo Skye. How different is it to go from one on one matches to teaming up for tag matches?

Bianca Belair: It is very different! Usually at these Premium Live Events I’m defending my title, so it’s a different type of pressure. I’m not defending my title but we have just as much at stake with the six man tag. We had Bayley, who I had unfinished business with, we had Iyo and Dakota who I was in NXT with and I’m thinking you guys are on the wrong side! What are you doing? 

Rushonrock: What do you have on your music playlist right now?

Bianca Belair: I’m kind of all over the place! But right now, I have Beyonce’s album on repeat. Like on repeat all the time! I actually like to work out to gospel music. When I work out, I’m working out hard and I’m almost dying in the gym. So when I’m going through that, I need something to lift me up and push me through. Kirk Franklin always pushes me through with gospel music. I’m a huge J. Cole fan, so I’m into hip-hop, rap, gospel, so that’s really my taste in music.