King Of All Terror



Strigoi backstory

An evolution of Vallenfyre, the grime-caked offspring of Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh, Strigoi first blackened our world in 2019 with Abandon All Faith.

Mackintosh – along with Vallenfyre, Eastern Front and Devilment bassist Chris Casket – delivered a record of charred death doom and blackened crust. It travelled deeper into the darkness than Vallenfyre’s three albums. And it demonstrated the pair’s extraordinary talents.

The duo have returned, along with drummer Guido Zima and guitarist Ben Ash, for Strigoi’s forthcoming new album, Viscera – and King Of All Terror is the second single to emerge in the run-up to that release, following the harrowing Hollow.

In Strigoi’s own words

King Of All Terror highlights some of the more venomous urgency present on Viscera. From all out blackened grind to sombre doom in less than three minutes.

“Lyrically it navigates old testament vitriol, and the inherent hypocrisy of celestial hierarchy…. the worst of the worst.”

The verdict on King Of All Terror

Well, King Of All Terror lives up to its name.

The song blazes with crusty hellfire before descending into the abyss… and never returning to the surface.

Indeed, Mackintosh and Casket have gifted us a nightmarish song that could only come from Strigoi’s fetid crypt.

Yes, King Of Terror does its sonic damage quickly, but it leaves a bloody aftertaste that lingers long in the soul.

What’s next for Strigoi?

Viscera will be released via Season Of Mist on September 30.

Casket states: “It’s the second album and we’re pushing those limits. The longer songs are longer; the shorter songs are shorter. It’s fully realising the concept.

“When we did the first album, there were certain expectations as we were coming from Vallenfyre. I felt that it was a really good transition from one to the other. But I feel that with this record, it’s more of a fully fleshed out concept. It’s pushing the light and shade further out.”