One More Sip


Doomsday Outlaw

Doomsday Outlaw backstory

Soul-tinged blues rock brothers Doomsday Outlaw burst onto the scene with 2016’s blistering debut Suffer More.

And the retro-fuelled Sheffield crew never looked back.

Rushing headlong into follow-up Hard Times, the classy quintet proved it’s possible to meet quality with quantity.

Critically acclaimed tours with Jizzy Pearl and Graham Bonnet followed.

And Doomsday Outlaw wowed a fervent festival crowd at Bloodstock with a typically bullish SOPHIE Stage blast of heavy blues.

Planning for a post-pandemic future, the band boasts a new label and more new tunes.

A new album looks set for release later this year and fans will be able to get their hands on reworked versions of Hard Times and Suffer More.

One More Sip is the swaggering sound of Doomsday Outlaw at their scintillating best.

Enjoy the video exclusive of the band’s brilliant new tune and look out for more from the Doomsphere very soon!

In frontman Phil Poole’s own words:

“We’re back with a feel-good summer tune all set for festival season. 

“But, as you’d expect, there’s a sting in the tail! 

One More Sip is about finding joy in despair, embracing your misery and running with it.

“And with a glass in your hand and a smile on your face!

“We’re really pleased to share the video for this…it took a handful of takes before we lost the light.

“It’s got the energy of a live gig and was a great way to end the day.

“We hope everyone enjoys the summer vibe, cracks open a beer with us and turns it up to 10!”

The verdict on One More Sip

Doomsday Outlaw have only gone and done it again.

So let’s raise a glass to One More Sip and drink in summer courtesy of Sheffield’s hottest blues rock export.

Phil Poole’s Coverdale/Hughes-soaked tone has already caught the attention of classic rock fans countrywide.

But the multi-talented frontman adds an ‘Outlaw’ country twang to One More Sip.

And we can’t wait to hear the Music City mix of this made-for-Nashville foot tapper.

The rapid expansion of the all-encompassing Doomsphere can’t come soon enough.

But One More Sip’s just about quenched our thirst…for now.

What’s next for Doomsday Outlaw

A hometown show at Don Valley’s Rockin’ The Bowl in September is bound to bring the house down.

And surely it can’t be long before Doomsday Outlaw are headlining their very own Hillsborough gig across the road.

A slot at the NWOCR festival in November is next up with the band’s Republic Of Music debut slated to drop later this year.