Dan Reed Network

Dan Reed Network backstory

Fast approaching their 40th anniversary, Portland’s Dan Reed Network have forged a reputation as the premier exponents of funk rock.

Three critically acclaimed albums within three years underlined the band’s ability to fuse genres and push boundaries.

In fact, Dan Reed Network’s self-titled debut, the Nile Rodgers-produced Slam and 1991’s Heat remain era-defining records beloved of fans and peers alike.

High profile support slots with the likes of Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones exposed the Network’s addictive funk rock to millions more.

But the marketing men never quite wrapped their heads around how best to promote a band of creatively independent brothers.

And album sales failed to reflect one of the most innovative acts to emerge from the eclectic 80s scene.

By 1993 the Network had disbanded but Reed announced comeback shows in 2012 and 2013 before reforming the band fully in 2015.

Fight Another Day (2016) and Origins (2018) proved there’s plenty more to come.

And next month sees the release of new long player Let’s Hear It For The King.

In Dan Reed’s own words:

“Brion James originally sent me a demo of this track as a chilled out funky soul rap song, not intended for DRN.

“But I adored the groove and heard a way to rock the song out.

“I gave it a heavy chorus that celebrates the love and friendship one feels with the people and places that feed one’s soul…

“…as opposed to outside forces that all too often become energy vampires, sucking away our hope, compassion and empathy. 

“Nothing can replace, nor should it, the comfort and reliability of our ‘home grown love’.

“When we feed off our foundation, where our beginnings sprung from, nothing can stop us from going out in the world and rekindling that energy.”

The verdict on Homegrown

The spoken word intro is both powerful and disarming.

But it’s exactly the type of creative curveball you’d expect from Dan Reed Network.

Once Homegrown hits its stride there’s a typically rich seam of funk running right through a dreamy summer anthem peddling a serious emotional message.

Reed’s trademark vocal evokes the Network’s late 80s/early 90s heyday.

And Dan’s still the man when it comes to capturing the mood and singing with meaning.

Check out the understated keys, nimble fretwork and that super sexy saxophone outro.

This is rock…but not as you know it.

And the simple but superbly effective video perfectly complements a tune that reinforces the Network’s reputation for innovation.

Homegrown is a funk rock home run. 

Not for the first time, Reed’s knocked it out of the park.

What’s next for Dan Reed Network

Let’s Hear It For the King is released on June 17 via Drakkar Entertainment.

A hotly anticipated UK co-headline tour with Finnish hair metal throwbacks Reckless Love kicks off on August 30 in Glasgow.