Massive backstory

Can it really be 10 years since former high school buddies Brad Marr and Jarrod Medwin birthed the rock and roll monster that is Massive?

Apparently so.

A decade down the line and the Rushonrock-approved rabble rousers are readying themselves for album number four.

Medwin might have made way for Andrew Greentree behind the kit.

But Marr and livewire guitarist Ben Laguda represent the past, present and future of this unbreakable band.

And Massive’s core members can’t wait to kick Covid into touch and kickstart their bid for global domination.

Full Throttle got the ball rolling back in 2013 before superb follow up Destination Somewhere underlined Marr’s songwriting potential.

Rebuild Destroy dropped in 2019 via Off Yer Rocker as the NWOCR trailblazers upped their game again.

But live’s where it’s at for one of the most dynamic acts on the planet.

And fingers crossed this summer’s much-delayed dates finally bring Brad and the boys back to where they belong — up front and in your face.

In frontman Brad Marr’s own words

“This song’s a whole heap of mixed emotions for us.

“It’s meant to sound upbeat and hopeful while also discussing the end of the world. 

“We wanted to keep writing and making music through the pandemic even though we couldn’t physically get in a room together. 

“We started recording this track a year ago and with every breaking news event, the song seemed to become more and more relevant. 

“We’re simple folk — we just want to get back on the road and do what we do best. 

“Drink beers and smash ears.”

The verdict on Reset

You wanted punkier? Tick.

You wanted punchier? Tick.

You wanted Massive bigger, better and bolder than before? Tick.

Reset finds Rushonrock’s favourite Aussie ballbreakers in bullish mood and blistering form.

Think Green Day jamming with Quiet Riot after a few too many four-packs.

But don’t for a minute imagine the party started before the serious business of writing a song fit for purpose in the post-pandemic/pre-World War III age.

Not for the first time, Marr’s right on the button when it comes to capturing the mood and crafting some killer commentary.

Reset might have been penned during peak pandemic but in 2022 it’s still got plenty to say about Putin’s Eastern European purge.

Lyrically challenging and musically magnificent, Reset’s a rowdy, rabid anthem.

It’s a sub three-minute blast of acutely relevant razor-sharp rock.

Massive kudos to Brad and the boys. Yet again.

What’s next for Massive

The band has inked in dates for the UK, Europe and their native Australia (in support of Buckcherry) later this year.

Massive’s as yet untitled fourth album is slated for release later this year.

Visit for details.