At The Movies — The Soundtrack Of Your Life Vol. II (Atomic Fire Records)

Nostalgia runs deep through the fist-pumping companion piece to The Soundtrack Of Your Life Vol. I.

And if you can get past a strangely addictive Backstreet Boys cover then this delicious deep dive into 90s cinema soundtracks is a genuine New Year treat.

Remember Three Men And A Little Lady?

At The Movies set out their stall on Waiting For A Star To Fall.

Then there’s a belting take on Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is A Place On Earth

…included here due to its appearance in the Lisa Kudrow-fronted Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion.

Former Red Hot Track Of The Week (I Just) Died In Your Arms adds a sharper edge to the Cutting Crew classic.

And At The Movies even manage to reimagine Chesney Hawkes’ The One And Only as a furious melodic rock anthem.

This is pure escapism with a capital ‘E’.

It’s the riff-fuelled shot in the arm everyone needs in the first week of January.

And it’s pandemic-busting fun pitched at a generation for whom hit singles were often the way into Hollywood classics.

From Pretty Maid To Made In Hollywood

At The Movies is the brainchild of Pretty Maids’ main man Chris Laney.

His passion for film fuelled a lockdown project dressing up a slew of the most recognisable soundtrack hits in ripped denim and studded leather.

And what started out as a fun way to fill some time swiftly morphed into a Scandinavian supergroup armed with a one-way ticket back to the future.

Laney pulled in favours from Allan Sørensen (Royal Hunt), Björn ‘Speed’ Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra), Linnéa Vikström (Ronnie Atkins, Therion), Morten Sandanger (ex-Pretty Maids), Pontus Egberg (King Diamond, Wolf) and Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall).

And the 80s-flavoured The Soundtrack Of Your Life Vol. I was born.

Given its breakout success a second volume was always on the cards.

And this uplifting, constantly surprising compilation is one of the coolest sets we’ve heard in years.

Movie hits never sounded better bolstered by thumping basslines, fret-burning attitude and soaring AOR-styled vocals.

But even Laney couldn’t have imagined his love for big screen anthems would translate into something that sounds this good.

Under The Covers With At The Movies

Covers bands get a bad rap.

But At The Movies are on a mission to buck the trend.

There’s something about this classy collective’s ability to fuse the past with the present that has the potential to appeal to the most grizzled of cynics.

And it’s impossible to avoid an overwhelming sense of unabashed celebration every time TSOYL Vol. 2 gets a spin.

Jennifer Paige’s Crush was clearly tailor-made for a hard rock makeover.

And Venus — made famous by Shocking Blue and Bananarama — gets the glam rock treatment courtesy of its inclusion on The Brady Bunch soundtrack.

Laney knows his stuff when it comes to handpicking a series of 90s hits ripe for reinvention.

And if At The Movies occasionally sound like the greatest wedding band you could never afford it’s all part of their cheesy charm.

Looking for an inhibition-free trip down memory lane?

You found it.