(I Just) Died In Your Arms


At The Movies

At The Movies backstory

Hard rock supergroup At The Movies are on a mission to transform the most memorable movie anthems into riff-fuelled modern-day classics.

Led by Pretty Maids’ Chris Laney, the fret-burning film buffs love dressing up some of the cheesiest tracks from the 80s and 90s in ripped denim and studded leather.

And debut compilation The Soundtrack Of Your Life Volume 1 emerged as a surprise hit in 2020.

Now At The Movies have lifted the curtain on follow-up Volume 2 — complementing their first run of 80s classics with a companion set from the 90s.

Swapping the likes of St. Elmo’s Fire and The Power Of Love for Waiting For A Star To Fall and — wait for it — I Want It That Way, it’s same but different from the colourful Scandi crew.

And the band’s uplifting version of (I Just) Died In Your Arms is a passionate precursor to Volume 2’s January 2022 release.

At The Movies are: Laney (guitars); Björn “Speed” Strid (vocals); Linnéa Vikström Egg (vocals); Morten Sandager (keyboards); Allan Sørensen (drums); Pontus Egberg (bass); Pontus Norgren (guitars).

In guitarist Chris Laney’s own words

“This is just one of those songs that got to me the second I heard it way back when. 

“It has that melancholic melody that I so love. 

“When I heard Linnéas’ and Björn’s vocal takes on it ‘I just died…’.”

The verdict on (I Just) Died In Your Arms

What’s not to love about this cutting edge take on the Cutting Crew classic?

With broad brushstrokes of glossy AOR and Laney’s trademark licks there’s something for everyone in this cracking At The Movies cover.

Morten Sandegar’s oh-so-sweet intro. stays true to the original before the pace quickens and the power’s turned up.

And the vocal battle between Björn Strid and Linnéa Vikström Egg works a treat.

Originally featured on Never Been Kissed, (I Just) Died In Your Arms takes on a new lease of life when viewed through the At the Movies lens.

And another bold take on a firm film favourite proves there’s plenty of life left in an impossibly addictive project. 

What’s next for At The Movies?

The retro rock collective release The Soundtrack Of Your Life Volume 2 on January 7.

On the same day a reissue of Volume 1 is available across all formats.

There are rumours that At The Movies will be playing a festival near you this summer…watch this space.