Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin backstory

Multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter Jesse Malin kicked off a colourful career with New York hardcore legends Heart Attack at the tender age of 12.

But the Queens-born performer made his name during an eight-year stint with 90s cult band D-Generation.

Malin has focused on his critically acclaimed solo work in recent years.

And star-studded collabs with Bruce Springsteen, Billie Joe Armstrong and Ryan Adams have boosted his reputation for crafting socially aware, politically charged alt rock par excellence.

Malin dropped the Lucinda Williams-produced Sunset Kids in 2019.

And new album The Sad And Beautiful World is due for release later this month.

Originally unveiled last May, Backstabbers was recorded during the Sunset Kids sessions.

And its re-release coincides with a new UK tour kicking off in Glasgow at the end of the month.

In Jesse Malin’s own words:

Backstabbers is pretty much a coming-of-age story.

“It’s about getting out of your small town and coming into the city searching for something new.

The Sad And Beautiful World record is for the survivors, the dreamers, the leavers and the believers. 

“My music has always been about rebirth and redemption. 

“This record is for those who pick up the pieces and find beauty in the madness.”

The verdict on Backstabbers

Melodic, melancholic and reassuringly mellifluous.

Just your typical Malin, then.

One of 21st century alt rock’s best kept secrets is bang on form with the darkly affecting Backstabbers.

And this timely reissue of a terrific track is a pertinent reminder of Malin’s stellar talent.

Driven by cheery keys and that disarming voice, this is a song as cynical as it’s cerebral.

When Malin sings we’re ‘sick of being sick’ it’s impossible to ignore the pandemic vibe.

That Backstabbers was penned in the pre-Covid era doesn’t detract from its right on-trend message.

You might have heard this song before. 

But it seems like Backstabbers has never been more relevant than it is right now.

Malin’s ‘coming-of-age’ anthem has finally come of age.

What’s next for Jesse Malin

The Sad And Beautiful World is released via Wicked Cool Records on September 24.

Malin’s UK tour kicks off at Glagow’s King Tut’s on September 27 and the 11-date trek wraps up in Brighton at Mid Sussex Music Hall on October 9.

  • Main Image: Steven Sebring