Where Did You Sleep Last Night?


Sari Schorr

Sari Schorr backstory

Emerging from New York’s South Bronx, sassy singer songwriter Schorr burst onto the blues rock scene five years ago.

Critically acclaimed debut album A Force Of Nature dropped in 2016 and does what it says on the tin.

The Mike Vernon-produced record established Schorr as one to watch.

And in 2018, feisty follow-up Never Say Never served as a timely reminder of a unique talent.

Operatically trained and a mesmerising live performer, Schorr has emerged from the pandemic in determined mood.

And after cutting her teeth on the road, the US star is relishing a long-awaited return to live music.

In Sari Schorr’s own words:

“Lead Belly’s version of the song is deceptively profound.

“To breathe new life into it, I reharmonised the chord progression to dramatically alter the mood and build tension to change the way people would hear the song. 

“Moving away from the customary choice of acoustic guitar to feature a grand piano instead provided the perfect backdrop for the intensity of the lyrics. 

“I’ve been performing songs from Lead Belly around the world for years, from Carnegie Hall to The Montreux Jazz Festival. 

“It’s a great honor to share music from such an influential artist with a whole new audience.”

The verdict on Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

It’s always a gamble reinterpreting a stone cold classic.

It takes guts to reveal your own take on a song that’s more than a century old.

And you need the courage of your conviction to completely transform a fabled track.

But Sari Schorr has never lacked ambition.

Bravery is her middle name.

And one of the most affecting voices of the 21st century is perfectly placed to reignite a legendary tune.

Remember when Kurt Cobain stunned the MTV massive with his 1994 unplugged take on Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Schorr blows that memorable take on Lead Belly’s version out of the water.

The grand piano perfectly complements a typically haunting vocal.

And what transpires is an unforgettable reimagining of an emotive blues standard.

Schorr’s position at the forefront of the new blues rock revolution is undisputed.

This remarkable cover underpins her status and reinforces a soaring reputation.

What’s next for Sari Schorr?

Schorr hopes to resume touring in the UK between September and November. 

A mix of headline shows and festival slots will complement three special gigs in support of Robin Trower.

And Schorr is booked in to play Bude Blues Festival on November 7 before heading to Germany. Visit for details.

Main image by Richard Bolwell