Sleep Token

Sleep Token backstory

Welcome to the unique, broad-based vision of one individual.

Sleep Token is anonymous, silent, masked and armed with a staggering vocal range and a deft touch on the keyboards.

And the band’s live shows are off the scale.

Fronted by Vessel, Sleep Token began the Sundowning ritual in June 2019 with The Night Does Not Belong To God

The band began to release its ‘offerings’ bi-weekly every Thursday at Sundown BST.

And the accompanying visualisers went viral. 

Each offering had its own emblem, establishing the Sleep Token universe on the debut album Sundowning

On June 18, 2021 the cycle began again. 

Sleep Token slayed Download at the weekend and much more is to come.

In Sleep Token’s own words:


The verdict on Alkaline

Predictably eerie and reassuringly enigmatic, Sleep Token is back.

Alkaline’s surreal soundscape and oppressive video provide pure escapism.

And the seamless juxtaposition between aural and visual creates yet another uniquely foreboding experience.

Mixing catchy synth pop with expansive stadium rock, Sleep Token is the dream package.

And it’s time to wake up to the potential of this genre-defying hybrid.

A poor man’s Ghost?

It has been said.

But Sleep Token can comfortably exist alongside Papa Emeritus IV and co.

Exist or eclipse? Only time will tell.

What’s next for Sleep Token

Spinefarm will release This Place Will Become Your Tomb on September 24.

The new 12-track offering ‘delves further into the enigmatic universe of Sleep Token’. 

Sleep Token will perform at ALT+LDN this year on August 30 at Clapham Common. 

The band will be performing alongside acts Playboi Carti, Architects, Machine Gun Kelly and Princess Nokia.

Main image by Andy Ford